Energy Shift

Here's how Energy Shift works.

Understanding what powers your home.

Energy from a mix of sources provides the electricity for your home. Some of these energy sources are fossil fuels such as coal and gas, while others are renewable sources such as wind and solar.

In addition to the mix of energy sources, electricity prices can fluctuate throughout the day. Energy Shift helps you navigate these changes automatically by reducing energy consumption during times throughout the day when energy prices are higher.2

Smarter energy use for greater impact.

More action, more impact.

As you earn enough Leafs to reach a milestone, you can extend your positive impact by directing Nest Renew funds to nonprofit partners.4 In addition to helping to support clean energy, you're now also helping to steer our support of community projects around the country.

Reaching a Leaf milestone.

When you earn enough Renew Leafs to reach a milestone, you can extend your impact by helping to direct our support of nonprofit partners around the country.4


Investing in energy equity and environmental justice.

We're working closely with our nonprofit partners to support communities around the country with a range of programs helping to build a carbon-free future.4


How to get started with Nest Renew.

Continental US

You need to live in an eligible zip code in the continental US.

Nest thermostat

Have a compatible Nest thermostat.

Google Home

Have your thermostat linked to a Google Home account.

Find out if your thermostat is compatible with Nest Renew.

Select the thermostat that resembles yours.

Don't have a Nest thermostat?

Buy one here

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Nest Renew helps you support a clean energy future, right from home.